Wednesday, July 18, 2012

pick your own

Summer is all about vacations, lazy days, lounging by the pool, sleeping in, bike riding, baseball games, and eating fresh fruit.

All of these activities make an appearance on our annual summer list. Since{for a time period} we used to move every summer, it was handy to know where to pick fresh fruit no matter where we lived. (It's also great if you will be visiting family or friends in a different area and get a hankering for nature's local goodies!)

Luckily, you can find local fruit stands and Pick Your Own (PYO) farms around the country at a single website:

Just select your state, and then your county, and a list of local farms come up.

There are even searchable farms outside the US starting to make the list, such as Australia, Italy, and even South Africa.

And better yet, if you know of a local farm that is not listed, just submit it.

PYO  really is one of my favorite online resources!

Plus, then you can make yummy strawberry mini muffins, with the day's spoils.

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  1. I have not so fond memories of picking berries during the summer as a young teen. It was one of the few jobs we could have. But now, I'm older and thinking about picking again. I think I've missed most of the you pick season here :(


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