Tuesday, July 17, 2012

installing a ceiling fan light kit

Like many of the rooms in our house, our sun room did not have any overhead lighting. It does have a ceiling fan.

Our sun room gets lots of use in the summer and I didn't want to be so dependent on our floor and table lamps all season long. In a rare moment of productivity one day, I picked up a ceiling fan light kit from Lowes.

I also picked up ceiling medallion to make it extra fancy.

Over the weekend, Handyman got to work wiring the light kit into the fan. Pretty simple stuff.

He started by removing the cap and wired the new light to the existing wiring.  He just followed the included set of instructions.
(Don't be jealous of my fancy brassy fixture, I have plans for that.)

Ta da, lights works, fan works.

Now, onto the ceiling medallion.

I was always curious to know why the fan was mounted to this square wooden board. Now I know why . . .

There was a small detail I didn't account for when deciding which size medallion to purchase. Turns out, the mounting board really was a big as the ceiling hole. I expected the hole in the drywall only to be a slightly bigger - just big enough to accommodate the fan- not overly big and boxy.

My puny little medallion was suddenly severely underscale, and not nearly large enough to cover the hole. Hmm. . .

You can see it here.
We've since looked into purchasing a completely different ceiling fan for this room, since this project turned out to be a DIY dud. And neither one of is happy with the result -Handyman doesn't care for the light fixture I selected, and I don't like the fan, and neither one of us likes the under scaled medallion.

Oh well. A new fan will be in our future.


  1. Oh no! How frustrating that your project didn't go as planned. I hate when that happens to me. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. The ceiling medallion you bought actually looks nice. I do hope you get to use it on the next fan, or lighting fixture, you may purchase. I think the said medallion can also be utilized as a wall decor.

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