Thursday, July 26, 2012


While at Lowes recently, I spotted some fun string lights. Visions of parties and gatherings bounced around my mind as I thought of cute ways to string them up around my own outdoor space.

When I asked Handyman what he thought, (as if I didn't already know the answer) I first got the silent, but really look which quickly transformed into the eternal and ever present what is your obsession with lights question, which without response, relinquishes into the quick and detached whatever look.

We know each other so well. . .

I just love that I can pick up party supplies at the home improvement store. The boring hardware store has certainly evolved since I was a kid. and with so many different choices, it would be easy to find something for any style or occasion.

Take a look.

Alas, i did come home empty hand -this time. Do you have any fun lights adorning your space?


  1. Oh I can totally relate! I love checking out what's new at the home improvement stores. I also love lights. I made a solar light I'll be posting about next week as well as one that I "enhanced" that came from, guess where?...Lowes! Sorry you came home empty handed, but that must meant that you haven't found the "have to have it" one yet!

  2. I was recently to a girlfriends home, she and her husband took 4-5 gallon buckets, placed a 8 foot 4x4 in each and filled in with concrete around them halfway up...they placed the buckets at the 4 corners of their outdoor patio and strung lights from pole to pole. It was sooo cool. Now I just need to convince hubby we need some!

  3. I have those solar lanterns that I got from Ikea - I love them!!! I placed them underneath our patio umbrella and it's lovely especially when we're having dinner outside.

  4. Laura...I do not have any lights around my house. That's not for lack of want though. These are amazing!!! I would probably get the same looks from my hubby that you did from yours.


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