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Friday, May 25, 2012

favorite souvenirs

We recently traveled to Costa Rica and brought back some fun little souvenirs to remember our trip. Since we left our little ones at home, it was important that we bring back a few goodies for them.

At a small strip of shops along the beach, I came across the fun little musical frog. If you remove the stick from his mouth and run it along the bumps on his back, he creates an authentic sounding croak. My kids love it, and have already rubbed all the paint off the top of the bumps from so much use.

When I'm shopping for souvenirs, I try to select pieces that:
1) fit in my suitcase (or are worth shipping)
2) remind me of a specific part of my trip
3) will complement or enhance an existing space in my home

The iguana puzzle is representative of this sunbathing iguana we observed sunbathing on the roof every morning. This wooden iguana also houses a small, secret stashing spot.

A few years back I started collecting nativities. Through my own travels and those of close family members, I now have a small collection of international nativities. I'm fascinated by the different interpretations of the same event.

Since I know my children love to rearrange them, I selected two nativities that will tolerate their sometimes clumsy little hands. The brightly colored one is made of wood and can withstand lots of Christmas-time rearranging.

Photographs of where we stayed, posted here.

What criteria do you use when selecting souvenirs?

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

practical home accessories

The experts always say shop your home before shopping retail. This is a good suggestion. Except when there's isn't much inventory left in your home.

A few years ago, we started moving around. In preparation for our nomad ways, we really pared down. But now that we're feeling a bit more settled, there's a few practical accessories that I would like in my home . . .

A Clock
I don't own a single clock. Granted, I'm never without the time thanks to surrounding technology, but as a stand alone time piece, I'm clock-less.

A Telephone
For years we didn't have a land line. We have one again, and it's probably time we got a house phone.

I would love to have a set of binoculars handy. So many beautiful birds perch right in my own backyard and the surrounding trees. I would love a closer look.

A Firewood Basket
We use our wood burning fireplace pretty regularly. This would be a pretty permanent addition to that area.

An Outdoor Rug
My front porch is feeling a little bare. It would be nice to sneak a small rug under the bench I have there already.

Does your home have any great finds or need just a few prettier practical touches? Share. . .
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