Friday, February 24, 2012

peek-a-boo flower favors

My little girl insisted she wanted to give out flower pens as her birthday favor. She picked out some silk flowers from the local craft store and we attached them to the pens using green floral tape. We put them inside these individually labeled bags. The pens easily slide inside and the bow keeps it in place. Great for transporting them to the birthday site. Simply,
  1. fold the bag over to the desired height, crease.
  2. unfold, and punch a small hole on the new crease. 
  3. fold the bag closed again and punch two small holes to thread the ribbon through.
  4. slide the pen inside the top hole, tie a piece of ribbon through the other two holes.
Customize it to your party or shower by using different color bags, ribbon or twine, and a peek-a-boo treat.

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