Wednesday, February 29, 2012


The bagster! the best invention for home DIYers with limited disposal options.
  1. Just pick up a bag at your local home improvement store.
  2. Fill it with anything you can't re-use, recycle, or donate.
  3. Call the number on the packaging for a pick-up. Waste Management comes to your home and hauls it away for a reasonable fee.
We have purchased them from both Lowes and HomeDepot.

Its the perfect solution for the mid-size renovation projects, without having a dumpter parked in your yard!

We have used a few of these already. Our closet demolition,posted here, occupied most of the first one. Then we throw a whole bunch of remnants, posted here, in as well.

Plus, our kids have fun watching Handyman drag the bag down the driveway with his car.

Anyone else's husband's routinely treat their Audi like a pick-up truck?

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