Wednesday, March 21, 2012

my pink bathroom -part 1

My house has {had} a pink bathroom. A really pink bathroom - a pink tub, pink square tile tub surround, a pink marbled Formica vanity, and pink tile two thirds up each wall, met by some very 1980's pastel-marbley-strippy wall paper.

Despite the pinkness, it was functional and wasn't too high on the reno list. That is, until two days before Christmas, and my husband went to just spruce it up a bit in preparation for his parent's arrival for the holiday.

His original intentions were to just re-grout the tub surround. An easy-do-after-work-kind of task. That is until the tile started falling off the wall.


The wall behind the tile was wet and just couldn't take the weight of the tile any longer.

So, it needed to go.

And go it went. Along with the wet drywall behind it. {Below are the only pictures I took of the evening with my iPhone.}

after we took the tile down

after we took the drywall out

While we had the walls open, we rewired and clean up the the electrical. (That little blue box is the electrical box for an outlet in a bedroom closet on the other side of the wall.)

Mind you, this was all after the kids were down for bed and I was trying to finish all of the Christmas /house guest preparations.

And this is the only shower in the house.

I quickly called my in-laws and let them know about the situation. Not strangers to DIY renovations, they just said, they would work on with us while visiting.

Sometime around 3am we decided to we were tired enough to quit for the night. By that point Bret had rewired everything, and gotten up all the backboard. He even took a shower that night.

Thanks goodness for a guy who never gets flustered and can fix just about anything!

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  1. Pink sounds interesting. One apartment my husband and I lived in had yellow tile from floor to ceiling and then wall to wall fluorescent lights on the ceiling. The brightest room you have seen.


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