Monday, March 26, 2012

easter preparations

Easter is right around the corner, and I know my kids are excited. Like most kids, they love to decorate eggs, make holiday decorations, and search for their Easter baskets Sunday morning.

I love to make a big traditional dinner.

(try this leek and potato galette this year. It's yummy and easy to make)

and we always finish it off with this carrot cake.

My six-year old detests the smell of vinegar, so in lieu of the stinky standard and dye decorating method, this year we'll use some spring time punches to create cuties like these.

Those sugar-coated marshmallows too sweet for you? Put them to good use with this Peep topiary.

I like to fill my kids' baskets with many non-food treats. Some of our favorites are a new book, a  new summer outfit, new craft or art supplies, and one year I found pastel hued Play-Doh packaged in Easter eggs -a big hit. (Of course, I always throw a few pieces of chocolate and the obligatory handful of jelly beans.) For more non-food treats, checkout Lulu Belle's list of ideas below.

What are some of your favorite Easter or spring time traditions? Do you secretly (or not secretly) like the marshmallow peeps?

It's okay if you do.

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