Thursday, March 15, 2012

irish love

You can't even imagine what a big deal St. Patrick's Day is around here in Boston.  Holy Irish, it's huge! Last weekend for a date, Hunny and I attended a local 141st annual St. Patrick's Day Dinner, Dance, & Banquet, complete with prayers and gratitude for St. Patrick and an authentic Irish boiled dinner. Whew! It was a new experience for me.

However, all the festivities have reminded me of how much I love the color green. Its always so fresh. And when surrounded by neutrals, gives just a pop of much needed color.

Some green pops around my own abode. Enjoy!
 this is my green Gava vase from Crate & Barrel;
it retails for $34.95, but I picked up after Christmas this year when it was 50%. Ignore the little green bead next to it that one of the Littles placed there for fun.

 these are the cute little "leprechaun"s my son made at this preschool this year in honor of St. Patrick's Day. He loves it, and "checks on it" throughout the week.

even our favorite grocery store, Trader Joe's gets in the green action with these fun little stickers.

If you want more. . .

check out designer Alison Royer's Kelly Green obsession in her January post here.


aspiring designer, Tiffany's Lucky Charms Round Up post here.

Oh, and if you're in the area, here's the information for the southie parade. It's actually held Sunday March 18th, starting on West Broadway at 1pm. Being relatively new to the area, I've never been, but I've only heard good things from the locals. Check it out.

Little fact I learned this year, despite being one of the three colors on the Irish flag, orange is sometimes considered offensive to the Irish. (Although, maybe just to the Catholic Irish? Fill me in if you know!)

How do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day?

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