Thursday, March 22, 2012

my family room

My family room. What can I say? Its the most problematic room in my house. When we bought the house it looked it this.

These are the photographs from the realtor listing, so that's not our furniture (well some of it is, but that's another post.)

If you look closely and have great spatial reasoning, you'll quickly realize there is an entrance on every single wall of this room. This room was {still is} a problem because:
  • it has four entrances (one on each wall)
  • has a big gas stove right by the front door
  • no good place for a wall mount TV (disclaimer: we are a TV-loving family, so accommodating our TV in this room is a priority)
  • has no overhead lighting
  • two funny angle corners -this room is an addition to the house. It was built slightly angled, so the wall meeting the kitchen has both a severly accute wall corner, and an obtuse wall corner at the other end.
Not to mention the dark, dated decor which included wood paneling, old carpet, acoustic tiles on the ceiling, and the ceiling fan on the already low ceiling.

So, ultimately this room serves as:
  • the entry to guests (hardly anyone goes to my front door)
  • the mudroom off the garage
  • our family/TV/hang out room
What's a design loving girl to do? A girl who wants a beautiful, updated, and functional room.

And thus began our journey.

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