Thursday, May 10, 2012

our family renovation

Did you ever read Laura Joffe Numeroff's sweet story If You Give A Mouse A Cookie?

It's the full circle tale of an innocently cute mouse's simple request that evolves into increasingly complicated requests and their ensuing messy consequences, eventually tiring the generous giver to utter exhaustion.

I {might} have been a mouse.
And I {might} have wanted a cookie.
And we did make a mess.

I blame it on my babysitter really. She was unavailable that fateful Friday night, leaving us bored and wondering what to do. So, we did what any listless couple does, we demolished a room.

The initial mess ensued not long after we painted the fake wood paneling. Truthfully, we didn't even finish the job. . .

All I really wanted to do was:
  • paint the fake wood paneling
  • remove the space-eating gas stove
  • tear down the brick hearth

But once the brick was down we realized we might as well:
  • remove the fake wood paneling
  • replace the old and yucky insulation
  • spray foam the window joints
  • rewire, relocate, and consolidate the electrical
  • install overhead lighting
  • replace the door
  • remove the acoustic ceiling tiles
  • update the trim

And that's how we got from wanting to paint our family room to renovating the entire space.

You can read more about our family room renovation here, here, here, and here.

Please tell me I'm not the only DIY mouse out there?


  1. Hi Laura: How long have you been working on the family room? It looks like you have gotten quite a bit done. We are heading into our second month on the kitchen redo and it seems like it will never be done. Every blog I read that is doing some work, painting, new flooring, etc. get the job done so fast. It takes us so long just to paint and the whole rest of the house is such a mess!!Do I sound discouraged? I'm really not because I know what the end result will be, but come on!!! Your's is looking really great..Happy Mother's Day..Judy

  2. I've seen lots of blog posts showing interior design that has been inspired by fashion, but this is the first one I've seen where interior design/demo has been compared by a book! ;o) My hubbie has fond memories of reading this book to his kids when they were little - so much so that his 26 yr old daughter gave him one as a gift this past Christmas. Y'all are certainly ambitious - I look forward to seeing the finished room!

  3. Oh my. I know aaaall about this. So much fun when you see what you've done though! I'm following along with you now so I can keep up with how your renos are going!

  4. ha ha that's precisely why we haven't tackled a few projects. I know it's going to snowball out of control. I love the new ceiling!

  5. Wow, what a transformation...I can't wait to see it all finished!

    Finding Fabulous

  6. a. i love that book

    b. always (always)
    blame it on the babysitter

    c. i can't wait to see
    what it looks like when
    you're done

    d. thanks for stopping by
    Stuff and Nonsense

    now following!


  7. I started writing something and then it disappeared, so sorry if you're getting this twice.
    You guys have made some seriously awesome progress! Can't wait to follow you along the way! I'm totally loving your bead board ceiling!!!
    @ Creatively Living

  8. Wow what an undertaking!! Thanks for stopping by 21 Rosemary lane to leave your lovely comment. Now that I have found you and this project is progress, I simply must follow you!!! Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day!

  9. Isn't it always the case. You start out to do one project and one thing just leads to another... It is going to be awesome. Might as well do it right the first time. God Bless

  10. Good for you! That is one big undertaking but it is coming along so great!

  11. You are doing some major transformation and it really looks great already! We might be removing the carpet downstairs and add tiles this summer and than (hopefully) next year we will re-do our 1980's kitchen :)

  12. I am sitting here giggling!! This is just what me and my husband would do!! I always want to cry right in the middle but LOVE the satisfaction after it is done!!

    Stopping by from Randee's Organized Chaos!! Now following!!

  13. WOW this is going to be fabulous, Love what I see so far.

  14. Wow that is great! The transformation so far is amazing

  15. The makeover is looking fantastic! I cannot wait to see how it comes out! It really feels so much fresher, almost like a new home. Love it!

  16. I love this color! Do you mind sharing the color of wall paint you used?


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