Thursday, May 31, 2012


Progress is moving {slowly} on our family room makeover.

After a little more research, we decided cork flooring, posted about here, was not the right choice for this room. According to those we have spoke to, it doesn't hold up as well as we need.

(Of course, if I thought I could get away a polished cement floor, I would. But that may be a tad too modern for our little yellow cape.)

We decided to go with a factory-finished hardwood from Home Depot. It needs time to acclimate to home's temperature and humidity before installation.

Verifying that we didn't have a hidden gem hiding under the vinyl brick flooring.
No such luck. Just the typical plywood sub floor.

Here's hoping we will have a new floor for this room soon. . .


  1. I'll be keeping watch here. I wanted to do a bamboo floor, but everyone began telling me how much it faded in the sunlight and I have a big picture window right in the middle that lets in so much light, so that was out. Now I'm back to "undecided" and maybe yours will give me some new inspiration!

  2. Can't wait to see! We found hardwood under our BATHROOM flooring. Umm not sure we're going to keep it showing

  3. Thanks for stopping by, and for your comments on the flooring. All of those questions I have asked myself. 3 times now we have had the floor "picked out"...but something inside of me, just wouldn't let me follow through...I think it's cause I know deep inside that I should not go with a dark floor...even though that is what I have been drawn too. What kind of floor did you pick out at home depot? I'll be watching to see your finished room. We are putting ours in our entire 1st, dining room, office, foyer, great room, bathroom, laundry room and mud room...I sure hope I make the right choice for us!
    Thanks again for visiting me!


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