Tuesday, August 7, 2012

how to disguise a tree stump

If you have a tree stump in your yard, you know how unsightly they can be. And tree stump removal can be costly, and is always messy- imagine wood chips scattered all over your lawn.

We have a older property with a number of tree stumps. Eventually we like to remove them (by grinding or burning) but for now they are here to stay. So to make the best of the situation, I thought it make the perfect little container garden spot.

Just acquire a wine barrel (sometimes you can come across free ones. You can also purchase them inexpensively at the home improvement and hardware stores.)

Place directly over low tree stump and plant with your favorite flowers.

I planted strawberries in mine.

Now my kids have a built-in outdoor snack bar.

For some more inspiration, I found this wine barrel container garden from Centsational Girl. She made good use of the barrel's depth.

I also found this image, to satisfy those with the current succulent rage. So cute.

The options are endless. What would you do?


  1. Love this idea. Did you know there is a chemical that you can pour on the old route system that eats away at it over time, so you don't have to grind them?

  2. Lovely! Since I too have some tree stumps, I'm going to give this a try next spring. I really love those divided, multi level barrels!

  3. super cute idea! wish i had a tree stump :D

  4. They can add such a memorial style addition to your garden, you see? They serve as a hub for all the nature, while remaining oh so incandescent.

    -Carlos Hernandez

  5. Great idea! How do you set the barrel on the stump if it's too tall?

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