Thursday, June 27, 2013

six with a hook

While we had family in town this week, we went to Bearskin Neck for a little sightseeing and lunch. There were so many cute shops. I came across this darling little shop. I wanted to take some photos, but after asking in my nicest voice, the answer was no. (I always like to ask first -photography etiquette?) Her response was something like photos of her shop showing up on blogs. Hmmm. What's so terrible about that? But I did snap a photo of her shop sign. And although I can't share the cuteness of her store, I can show you what I did pick up for my family room.

This cute little number six with a hook. Initially I wanted to buy four numbers -one, two, three, four to be exact. One for each of my children's towels in the bathroom. But, there was only a one and a four available, so I had to settle for a different idea. That's when I decided on six. Six of us, and a six available. Perfect.

I wasn't exactly certain where I would put it, but I knew I could find this little number a home. And as it turned, it fit perfectly in this corner, filling up an awkward space -since the ruler placement was determined by an electrical outlet. So excited.
Any serendipitous finds on your part?

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