Wednesday, June 12, 2013

yard work

This year we've finally made some big changes to the front landscaping. When we built our front steps, posted here, we took out four bushes flanking the front door. But we still had five overgrown/outdated shrubs remaining.

With just a morning, a chain, and the tow hitch on our trusty mini-van, they were out. Admittedly, it may have been faster if we hired someone else to do it, or at least rented a bobcat. But the persistent and sweat equity saved a bunch of money.

A new blank landscaping slate.

Before we had overgrown bushes and a grass bed. We removed the bushes and grass and created a flower bed closet to the house. We also planted a few new rhododendron, since we have them in other areas of our yard, you can see them here. The result is a cleaner more contemporary look.

Once the bushes were gone, we leveled and mulched the bed. We also removed all the red mulch on the other side of the walking path and planted grass seed. We have a number {lots}of flower beds, so eliminating one will make the yard maintenance easier.

New arbor vitae
 We also dug up a row of old shrubs along the parameter and planted eight new arbor vitae. As they grow, they'll created a better (and more private) green fence then leggy and scraggly shrubs we had before.

We purchased a small trailer from some friends last winter and it came in handy transporting all the brush to the town drop-off site and purchasing a load of mulch. It was much more economical to purchase the mulch by the yard than the individual bags from the home improvement store. A trailer full was only $12.
 And of course, we've enjoyed all our blooming bushes this spring. I have these cuties that put out these pretty little white blossoms.

What improvements have you made?

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  1. We are right there with ya. Replanted everything out front this spring and are working on a section of the back where we lost 20 leland cypress trees.


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