Wednesday, September 11, 2013

my favorite DIY tools

Everybody knows that having the right tool for the job makes the job easier.

Here's a run down of the tools that have made our DIYing much easier, and are versatile enough to make our favorite DIY Must Haves:

Top Four DIY Must Have Tools

Number 1
The Utility Trailer
Coming in at number 1 -the small utility trailer. This is great for so much! Its great for picking up oversized things, dropping off oversized things, and just generally hauling almost anything. Basically, it provides the capability of a pickup truck without having to own a pick up truck.

We bought our trailer used from a friend. But if you look around Craig's List, chances are good you will eventually come across someone selling one. Or, for the ambitious DIY guy or gal, build your own. (Our is homemade from our friend!)

If you have the space to store a trailer, this is the kind investment that quickly pays for itself. No more renting UHaul or Home Depot vehicles. And no more expensive small bags of mulch/soil/whatever. Now, we can buy it by the cubic yard at a fraction of the cost. We used ours a lot this spring when doing all this yard work.
Number 2
The Pressure Washer
The ever versatile pressure washer. We use ours almost year round, from early spring to late fall (too cold here in New England in the winter. Plus, we turn off our outside water lines as part of our routine winter maintenance. We don't want any exploding pipes.).

We use our pressure washer to clean the outside of the house, the driveway, the patio, the porch, the deck, the walk ways, the vinyl fencing, and anything else that gets super dirty -minus the kiddos. We've even used to inside the pool. With the combination of humidity and shade, its not uncommon for outside surfaces to start growing a green layer in these parts, gross but true.

In the past, we have owned a cheaper and less powerful model, and it didn't last more than a few years, and wasn't nearly as good at removing gunk, better to hold out for the most powerful model you can afford.

Be forewarned - you may will get super dirty and wet using a pressure washer! You might just want to plan on showering afterward.
Number 3
The Paint Sprayer
We scored a high volume low pressure paint sprayer off of Craig's List. There are lots of smaller variety little guys on the market, but I'm sad to report, they're just kind of, well, wimpy. Again, this is a tool that is better with some meaty power behind it (you don't want a bad paint job).

We bought ours used for 1/2 the retail price. And we've used for all sorts of jobs. And a just a little FYI, these things work fast! You'll spend lots more time prepping your site than it takes to paint., but so worth it when you can paint a lot or a big surface fast. It came in handy when we did our family room project.
Number 4
The Multi-Tool
Lastly, the ever humble and one of our most used tools, the adeptly named multi-tool. Craftsman makes the brand we own and this is the tool Handyman swears by. And the one when I asked him which is his go to tool, this was it! We have a cordless one. And retailing for just under a $100, this tool is likely the least expensive one the list. But as Handyman says, "that's cheap for a tool!"
So, they you have it. Our list of go-to and must have tools. What makes your list?
Happing DIYing,

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  1. "Everybody knows that having the right tool for the job makes the job easier." I definitely agree! And it becomes even more so when you know all the processes and know how to use them right. There won't be a sense in having these tools if you end up causing more damage with them.


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