Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Easy 3D Star of the Week Poster

It seems like at some point either in kindergarten or preschool my kids are featured as star of the week. This usually requires creating a huge poster all about them to share with the rest of the class.

Well, sometimes we just get short on time and end up hastily throwing something together the night before.

Well, no one needs to know you throw this one together in a flash. Its super easy and looks great.

Using everyday objects that represent your child's love or passions is easy.

With just a few tools and a few preparatory steps, you can toss this one together fast!

You will need:
  • 1 large poster board (any color)
  • 3-7 photos of your child
  • scrapbook book paper (any that you like, just coordinate with your poster board)
  • glue stick
  • wire
  • heavy duty scissors or wire cutters
  • a few of your child's favorite objects

  1. Print  or gather your selected photos. I like to print my photos all in the same color. For this poster, since I was using a blue poster board, I printed all the photos in blue and white from Costco.
  2. Purchase large letters or cut out you child's name. I like to use an Ellison press. Most schools and libraries have an Ellison press available for patrons. If your library doesn't have one available for public use, but you spy the classic clean cut letters adorning the library walls, chances are good they have one. Just ask! My local library owns one but not for personal use. But they are more than happy to cut out my letters for me when I bring in some paper and ask nicely.
  3. Layout your photos, any text, and of course your child's favorite object(s). One of my daughter's LOVES chocolate, so for hers, I included a small bag of chocolate chips tied with a bow.
  4. Once you like your layout, glue it all down.
  5. Attach your objects. Punch two small holes into the poster board. Thread the wire over the object and into the holes. Twist tie the wire in the back and tape down. For larger items, you may need more than one set of holes. For the lion stuffed animal (pictured above), I wired both his neck and the middle of his body.
easy 3D star of the week poster for kindergarten
 I wired this lion stuffed animal in two places, around his neck and around his middle.

Here's an example of another poster I made for my daughter. She LOVES chocolate, so including that was a must. I filled a small clear treat bag with chocolate chips and tied it with a bow and her favorite Littlest Pet Shop pet.
easy 3D star of the week poster for pre-school
This is a great opportunity to real think about your child, what they like (or dislike), and who they are. I had so much fun remembering both special and simple memories.

Some categories I included are:
  • loves
  • personality traits
  • places visited or lived
  • special things done or accomplished
  • talents
  • nicknames
  • and of course favorites (people, places, possessions, passions, clothes, food, books) 
What's your oops-I-need-make-this-in-a-hurry-method for school projects?

Happy crafting,

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