Monday, April 9, 2012

birthday cake

April, it's my party planning month. Why you ask?

Because in May I have three birthdays, an anniversary, and (2) Mother's Day.

My husband's birthday is first. And lucky for me, his favorite cake is a yellow cake mix with store bought frosting. Yep. I am perfectly willing and able to make a him a delightfully labor intensive cake from scratch. But that's his favorite. So, that's what I make. Just about every year.

Also lucky for me, he doesn't like a big fuss about his birthday. Years ago, when we were first married, I threw him a surprise party. He didn't really care for it. And that's fine with me, because my kids like it when I make a big fuss over their birthdays. So it works out pretty well.

{if you look closely you'll notice a small child-sized finger chocolate frosting stealing swipe}

and just in case you needed the recipe here it is:

store bought yellow cake mix, any brand
store bought chocolate frosting, any brand
follow cake mix directions
frost any way you like
keep away from mischievous 3 year old boys

What are your favorite family birthday traditions? Any chocolate frosting thieves in your family?

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