Thursday, April 12, 2012

shower curtain

dilemma, dilemma. I want to get a new shower curtain to accompany the new shower,

 but I'm not sure which one to get.

I like this Kate Spade shower curtain from Bed Bath & Beyond, but it is currently sold out.

I also came across this from West Elm.

Or there's this option to make one from a curtain, via.

Which one should I go for?


  1. the Kate Spade is speaking to me. Any place else to find it? Love love love it.

  2. Now that you showed me the Kate Spade I can't get it out of my head. If I find it (because now I need to look) I'll let you know. Thanks for your sweet comment about my house on Emily A Clark today, I really appreciate it:)


  3. The Kate Spade is really cute but the greenish blue one below it says...calming and serene and spa like!! Love those colors


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