Friday, April 13, 2012

the holdup

We were held up -in our home renovation that is, by this little guy.

metopic suture craniosynostosis

We bought our house a little over a year ago, three days before this little guy was born. And in my mind, we haven't made too much progress since. Aside from tearing out the family room closet to gain interior garage access, we didn't tackle any big projects until late spring.

And last year, much to my husband's surprise, I was pretty content with our home as it was, posted here. (Which is highly uncharacteristic of me. He did mention a few times he was surprised I hadn't painted anything or bothered him to paint anything. I mean, you've seen all that horrid brown paneling!)

Usually, I don't let having a baby hold me back so long. With my first, I was in graduate school and working two jobs, and still went back to work and class on schedule, despite still being post-C-section medicated, ya know, the next week.

Not this time. Anyone who's had a baby knows, the first few months are flooded with well baby visits. Our little guy decided to make life interesting and was born with
metopic suture craniosynostosis
(which is just a fancy way of saying he was born with a prematurely fused forehead)

All of my children have been briefly hospitalized at one point or another, so I didn't think much of it. We tend to adopt a "you just deal with it and move on" kind of attitude over here. I just didn't realize the moving on part was going to be so time-consuming.

My life looked pretty different at this time last year. It was full of post-surgical follow-ups and helmet re-adjustment appointments. Read: lots of time spent hanging out in waiting rooms, medical exam rooms, and sitting on my rear driving to and from downtown Boston.

And my mind was occupied with thoughts of transcranial differences and cephalic ratios, instead of paint chip colors and trim style options.

I try to remember the above cute little face when our running list runs slows or doesn't run at all.

How about you? What are your hang-ups and hold-ups? Anyone else have a helmet head baby? Or find your self spending more time with a certified orthotist instead of your friends & family?


  1. awww he's a cutie! My oldest newborn stage was a total blur. He was a preemie. We ended up moving twice before he was a year old. Not fun! Things are settled down now...well, sort of. He's 15 now. New follower, btw :)

  2. I would toss every list ever made to be able to sit and enjoy that cute little face!! You never know what challenges lay ahead...with your home or children. My youngest was diagnosed with Type 1/Juvenile Diabetes 3 yrs ago when he was 12. Enjoying every moment and your surroundings, no matter the state they are in, is now what I strive for! Thanks for sharing!

    1. So true. Our children teach us what truly matters.


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