Wednesday, July 10, 2013

redesign {M}

I've been helping my friend M redesign her big and beautiful home. She has a wonderful combination of classic and playful fashion style that I want to help her translate into her own home. Seriously, this girl can pull off this fun outfits. But her home doesn't reflect this seem sense of style. She asked me for some input.

First, we needed to start with some images to help her define how the juxtaposition of classic and playful can be interpreted.



This image caught my eye -not only would M like to create a small reading nook in her upstairs space, but the contrasting ceiling color and wall color are playful in the above image. Removing the adolescent accessories such as the giant teddy bear and using a more sophisticated color palate on the walls would suit her grown style.

This image caught my eye for its infusion of animal prints in a traditional and formal space. The animal prints are found not only on the throw pillows, but also the sconce lampshades. When she tires of the print, these items can be easily swapped out with little effort, and with little disruption of the rest of the space.
Finally, this image conveys a very casual and laidback vibe. I'm not sure how she'll react to it. It's definitely less formal than her previous taste, but I think the fun of redesign is trying new things and seeing how we respond to them.
What do you think? Ever take a decorating leap and end up loving it? 


  1. Hi Laura! The first photo got my attention and it’s great to be here and see the beauty of the ideas you are trying to convey! You can choose the color that suits her most with fewer accessories! Chick style! Looking forward to see more from you!

    Erin Kirkee

  2. Your re-design looks amazing Laura! Keep up the good work!

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