Wednesday, October 10, 2012

{the last} step

We put our wood floor down last summer (posted here), and then basically took the summer off from indoor projects. So some time passed before we got around to getting the step in that separates the kitchen and family room. It was one of these projects that doesn't take long once you do it, we just had to stop doing other projects to get around to it.

The tread need to fit in and around the existing new trim that we put up. Handyman used his saw to notch out the tread step.

Then, he applied a few coats of poly to protect the wood. Its in a high traffic area, so the step will get a lot of use.

 Once he got it set, we avoided stepping on it for a day, so that it could set. We didn't want it to shift.
And its been good ever since. And that little step was literally the last step of the family room renovation.
What have you been putting off doing?

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