Wednesday, June 13, 2012

father's day prep

It's time to start thinking about your favorite father, if you haven't already.

Handyman is pretty boring predictable with his father's day gift requests. He's perfectly happy with a new button down shirt and a new tie.

He started wearing these Smartcare shirts from Nordstrom years ago, and has never bought another brand since. He just loves them! The Smartcare make them virtually wrinkle resistant, and I love that I can easily pick them at the store or purchase them online.

Considering he wears one 6 days a week, I think that's a pretty good track record.

image source

But if your guy isn't the button down type, or your feeling crafty, there's lots more ideas out there Here are just a few. . .

If you have little ones, this print from Modern Keepsakes is perfect for preserving little hand or dare I say paw prints?

image source

I think this vintage soda bottle printable from Delightfully Noted is pretty cute. . .

image source

I'd really like to do this. I wonder if I could get my kids to sit still long enough . . .

image source

Then, I could load it on the digital photo frame I gave Handyman for Christmas a few years ago.
{It's only the smallest pair of wiggly feet that I don't think will cooperate.}

Wish me luck!

How are you prepping for Father's Day?


  1. Thanks for stopping by! I say you should definitely go for the last picture. Maybe you can offer your kids a little treat if they sit still ;-)

    Happily following you along.

    Take care,

  2. Thanks for the sweet words!! Lovely ideas for Fathers day!! Looking fwd to your little project!!


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