Friday, April 12, 2013

it's a love/hate relationship, really

with my house, that is.

Some days, I'm just frustrated.

only weeks away from having these bloom in my yard again!

But today I remember the reasons why I love it.
  • the tall, tall trees in my view
  • the birds singing outside my windows
  • how from certain angles I can't even see another house
  • how I can walk out in the summer and dip my toes in the pool
  • how my sun room floods with pure light every afternoon
  • how it challenges my whole design thinking
  • just how cute it is. Really. It will never be fancy, prestigious,  or stately. Just cute and charming {hopefully}.
  • despite how small it is, I have an incredible amount of built-in storage
  • my shuttered closet doors throughout
  • my built-in dining room hutch
  • my frequently used wood burning fireplace
  • my mature landscaping (sometimes, too mature, overgrown)
So these are some of the things I remember when I tire of looking at the weird wall paper in the powder room or am frustrated when I think of how much green we've spent just to bring up to today's standards.
  • when the only shower falls apart two days before Christmas and house guests come for a holiday visit
  • the garbage disposal overflows in the basement and throws up all of my new beautiful washer and dryer
  • when the heater decides its had enough, rusts through and floods the basement
  • when the jerry-rigged water heater really decides its had enough and metal pieces start flying off of it and floods the basement again
  • when the front steps disintegrate our first winter here and become a lawsuit waiting to happen
  • when the melted snow from the roof starts running down the inside of my living room wall
  • when the power goes out because, well frankly, that's what it does here anytime there's a storm (rain, wind, snow)
  • when half the power goes out and we start trading appliances for power while we wait for the power company to replace an exterior breaker
Do you have a love/hate relationship with your house? What is about your house that you absolutely love? and makes you forget all the frustrating stuff?

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